Beavers Bend Depot and Stables

Beavers Bend Depot and Stables is located within Beavers Bend State Park right off of Highway 259A in the main area of the park.  The train depot and stables offer up both train rides and horseback rides throughout the day.  The train ride is a 15 minutes ride around the park where you may see wildlife.  The horseback ride lasts about an hour over a 2.5 mile trail within the park.

This is a really fun stop and one of the things that make Beavers Bend State Park so unique.  The train and trail rides fit in perfectly with the outdoors.

There is a small gift shop and ice cream area located at the front of the train ride.  You can enjoy some treats before or after your ride.  This is a really great time and we highly recommend this visit.

Please remember to make reservations in advance for the horseback rides.

Located at:

Beavers Bend State Park

290 Beavers Bend Loop

Broken Bow, OK 74728

Phone: 580-494-6613