Hiking Trails

The hiking trails around Broken Bow Lake and Beavers Bend State park are nothing short of amazing.  With over 15 miles of trails around the park, you can explore the natural beauty of Beavers Bend for hours.  Our favorite trail is the David Boren Hiking Trail.  This trail is over 12 miles long, but does not loop so please plan your hike accordingly.

The Cedar Bluff entrance is considered for advanced hikers due to the steep inclines and rough terrain. This is across the road from the Dogwood Campground near the bridge and river.  If you want a fun, but difficult hike this is the trail to find.

Other trails around the park include:

Forest Heritage Tree Trail (1.1 mile)

Beaver Lodge Nature Trail (1 mile)

Cedar Bluff Nature Trail (1 mile)

Pine Ridge Nature Trail (3/4 mile)

3 Mile Loop (near the Nature Center)

Challenging 3 Mile Loop

Skyline Trail (level is considered difficult)

Whatever trail you choose, don’t forget to bring a camera for wonderful photo opportunities, supplies such as water, and appropriate hiking gear.  And please carry out whatever you take in!

Enjoy Broken Bow Lake!